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How to join with your collaboration
The participation in the project is completely free and without any obligation or pressure. We know that time is a rare thing to have, so just join when you feel inspired by the question and have time to develop a collaboration, always welcome. The common topic of all the questions will be art, our creative/productive processes and our motherhood. Your collaboration must contain: TEXT, answering the question of the month. There is no limit of words, it can be two or three hundred. It can also have any shape, a poem, a diary page, a recipe... IMAGE, if you are an illustrator, painter or artisan, the image must correspond to your art, preferably something that you have created and is connected to the text you have written. If you can draw something specifically for collaboration would be a dream ...
If you are musician, dancer or an actress a video or audio with a freeze image would be perfect.
If you are a writer or poet and your collab does not have an image, I will create an image/text with a fragment of your contribution. INFORMATION ABOUT YOU, your name, where you live and your ig or if you don't have one, your website. I know that labeling ourselves and our art can be difficult, but I also need a word that defines your artistic profession. When your collaboration is complete you can send it to:

Questions by month

Your works will be shared throughout the month, as they arrive to the email. You have the whole month, until the next question/month to send it.


It is also possible, if you have just discovered the project, answer questions from previous months.

Everything will be uploaded on the web.


We all know that after giving birth we become a version of ourselves. Each woman-mother takes a different time to find herself again or discover the new version of 'you'.
When and how did you relocate in your world and your art after your baby was born, or suffered a loss?
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