Espectro Invisible deMedea el
Sometimes we are women-artists-mothers, others we are women-mothers-artists and even mothers-artists-women ... The portuguese painter Paula Rego says in Historias e Segredos:
We make the pictures, we give birth the children, but both are not part of the same life. For how many of you is it like that, or on the contrary, how many of you find it impossible to separate your motherhood from your art? How does it influence us? How long does it take us to rediscover ourselves as artists after the precious brutality of life? And of loss and grieve? Do we separate it from our work or does it all go together? How does it affect us constructively in our creative process? And destructively? How is it in our day to day? How does creation influence our way of raising? The creative motherhood is hidden, hidden in the invisible part of the social spectrum.
We all know how we manage it every day, but we do not usually talk about the journey that it involves us or about the inner fight between the Artist and the Mother, a fight because they taught us that it is difficult for a woman to be both at the same time.
But of course it's possible and in that certainty El Espectro invisible de Medea is born, in the reconciliation between the Artist and the Mother within the woman that we are. This is a project to share experiences through our artwork and words. An exercise to study ourselves, observe and delve into our processes. A way of expressing states that are difficult to explain through our own creation.
Also a place to listen other artists and discover that we are all connected, that we understand each other. There is room for everyone here.
Our spectrum of vision Project Estructure This is a dynamic project and will last one year. The following exercise will be proposed every month: QUESTION. A question is proposed to the participants. TEXT. With our own words and way of expression we answer the question. One hundred , fifty or two words. We all know that sometimes words are hard to find. Just find your way, anything will work. A journal sheet, a poem, a list, a fragment of other related text ... There will be 12 questions during the year, there will be opportunities to experiment different ways. WORK. The idea is to create an image (illustration, photography, video) that specifically accompanies the written text and the expressed idea. As we know we are usually short of time, we can share a fragment of our ready-made work that is connected to the text or an illustration that we have previously made on this topic. NOTICE: Freedom. Don't be afraid to express yourself badly, don't be afraid to not find the 'correct' words. What we are looking for here are different visions, to form a visible spectrum from the gaze and art of each one us. Diversity.
The Project Format
The format is totally free. Illustration of any size, photograph of any color, video of any duration. There are no margins for the expression of our motherhood through our art, so we are not going to put them on. We will start by sharing online, in the account we have created on Instagram @elespectroinvisibledemedea
Over the months and the questions proposed the work and experiences will be transferred to this website, in the form of a blog, and possibly to a small printed magazine at the end of the year.
Ellas Inspiring Artists-mothers
Also I will also share useful and inspiring information about artist-mothers who have transcended or are transcending with their artistic projects and motherhoods.
As well as books, documentaries, texts, interviews...
Motivation and Introduction
On the other side of the screen is Elia Mervi. I'm freelance illustrator precariously active for ten years, a mother by surprise for seven, a feminist and other things that you can find out in and @eliamervi

I will leave for later explaining what motherhood and creation mean for me. Referring to what we are cooking now, it was not until a month ago that, in La Ilusionista podcast, was proposed a writing exercise about a city that has marked us deeply.

Inspired by the wonderful Carlota Garrido, I ventured eagerly to write my story with Berlin and how I found and rediscovered  myself there after two years of intense motherhood and breastfeeding.


After finishing writing the story, I realized how long I had wanted to express it in some way. Even while writing it I discovered new tones in that experience. Looking at it with perspective, I was aware that I needed to use that experience to create.

Then I thought of my friends and colleagues, and the comments and messages I receive every time I share my creative process with a little hand getting in the way. 'Just like me' 'How do you do it?' 'When do you find the time?' 'You remind me of myself'

I understood that we are 'eager' to share our experience as mother-artists and also to listen and see those of our colleagues in a constructive way.


And the idea traveled here, taking time from where there is none to create this space where we can ask ourselves questions that we are willing to answer and above all that inspire us for creation and learning.


As I said, there is room for all of us.